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A message from the CEO, Katherine Montero

“Thank you for visiting our page to learn more about our services.  The vision of Global Deeds started in 2005, while I was working at Harvard Medical School and after my first time working as a high school science teacher.  The crisis of 2008 opened my eyes to a series of challenges that have only been exacerbated, and the need to serve in a systemic way is the reason why we exist.  Today, Global Deeds is composed of an international team working within a hybrid setting (for-profit and non-profit) in support of social enterprises and low-income communities.  As a service company, we go far beyond general expectations of what a service company typically does, and our mission is to help the private and public sectors become more socially responsible as they scale their operations through our assistance.  We are at a pivotal moment in human history where we all need to collaborate and unite as to preserve our global resources and peace.  Our service is about helping your business or organization become more efficient, organized, sustainable, resourceful, and socially responsible.  We highly encourage you to inquire about our Corporate Social Responsibility accreditation process.   We look forward to working with you and helping you earn our seal.”